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    • 06/27/2020
    • 09:00 - 16:30 (EDT)
    • SCCS&FA Clubhouse and 25 Yard Range
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    Introduction to Defensive Pistol or Revolver

    Instructor:  Ron Flowers

    Contact Email:

    Requirements:  Members only

    Max Class Size:  10

    Cost: $130

    Please bring your own lunch.  There will be no time to go out for lunch.

    No live ammo in class.

    This course is designed for the new pistol owner with limited or no experience, or no formal training. The entire class is conducted in the context of the legal use of force, physiological reactions to stress, and the realities of defensive engagements with pistol caliber firearms.

    Approximately 8 hours.

    Morning Session consists of: 


    Nomenclature of handguns and action types

    Functioning and Cycle of Operations

    Field Stripping and Cleaning

    Discussion on Defensive Calibers

    Iron sights or Red Dot Sights?

    Safe Loading and Unloading

    7 Fundamentals of Marksmanship (Grip, Stance, Sight Alignment, Sight Picture, Trigger Control, Follow Through, Breathing)

    Mindset and Defensive Shooting Targeting

    Draw Stroke and Presentation

    Importance of Dry Firing and Manipulations, and the SAFE way to Conduct this kind of practice

    Dry Fire and Manipulation of the Fundamentals


    Afternoon Session consists of: 


    (Live) Safe Loading and Unloading

    Pistol Presentation for Single Round Strings of Fire

    Pistol Presentation for Double Strings of Fire

    Accuracy vs Speed, Finding the Balance Appropriate for Situation

    Tactical Reloads

    Speed Reloads

    Four-Step Draw

    Multiple Round Engagements


    Throughout the day there will be mini-lectures and discussions about the Legal, Physiological, and Psychological Ramifications of Deadly Force, as well as Target Zones, Neurobiology of “Perfect Practice,” and Mindset.  Questions will be addressed.


    Class will close with a De-Brief and Presentation of Certificates.


    Equipment Required:

    Reputable semi-automatic or revolver handgun

    Suitable ammunition for that firearm (approx 300 rounds)

    Two Magazines or Speedloaders (for Revolvers)

    Hard-sided Holster (for your specific Firearm)

    Magazine Pouch

    Eye Protection

    Ear Protection

    Ball Cap

    Regular Pants with Sturdy Belt

    (NO yoga pants, low cut or sleeveless shirts, open-toed shoes)

    Students should dress for the weather.


    ***Limited rental pistols available for small additional charge.  Contact Instructor with questions; 610-597-3717***

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