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 Trap Range:

manual clay thrower (new for 2023)

The first shoot of the 2024 season was this past Saturday, April 27th.
Shoots are held on 4th Saturday of the month, April until October, and are open to the public.



The Shotgun Sports Committee operates the Trap Range for both 16 yard and handicap shoots.  A patterning board is also available.  Please contact if you have interest in a shoot.

Trap Range and Shotgun Rules:

  1. A minimum of two people are required to use the Trap Field. No one is permitted to use the Trap Field alone.
  2. Maintain muzzle control at all times.
  3. No handling or uncasing of firearms is allowed when people are down range.
  4. An uncased shotgun must be in use on the firing line or in the racks, unloaded with the action open.
  5. When moving with a shotgun, have the action open with the muzzle pointed straight up. Break action shotguns with action broke can be carried over the arm or shoulder with the muzzle pointed toward the ground.
  6. No moving is allowed when firearm is loaded or the action is closed.
  7. Muzzle loading shotguns are prohibited on the trap range.
  8. Load only on the firing line.
  9. Actions may be closed only when it is your turn to shoot and the barrel is parallel to the ground and pointed down range.
  10. Be sure range is clear before shooting.
  11. Shooting toward the lake or any buildings is prohibited.
  12. Use only small shot on the trap range with a maximum velocity of 1400 fps and maximum load of 1 1/8 ounces. • Lead shot sizes #7 1/2 and #9. • Steel shot #6 is permitted.
  13. Members caught using prohibited projectiles may be expelled from the Association.
  14. Only clay targets thrown by the Association machine may be shot on the trap range.
  15. A "Clay Thrower" Special Use permit is required to use member owned clay throwing machines. Qualification and approval of Special Use shall be by the Executive Committee and all such shooters shall display evidence of such approval at all times. Email for additional information.
  16. Pick up and dispose of all empty shells.
  17. Keep the area clean at all times.


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