Southern Chester County SportSmen's and FARMERS' ASSOCIATION

If you wish to join our organization, please sign up to be added to our waiting list using the subscription form below. You will be invited to attend an orientation meeting when we resume taking on new members.
All requests are processed in the order they are received. 

Subscription form

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OPTIONAL - Please enter the name, relationship and membership number of an existing member spouse/parent/friend if you have one. This is not required and does not provide any preferential advantage other than to spouses/children of existing members.

Procedure for New Membership:

The registration process is completed online. Applicants wishing to apply should register for orientation. If the club is accepting new members, you will find all scheduled orientation events here.  No registrations will be accepted in person or via email.

All new members are encouraged to join the National Rifle Association and maintain an active NRA membership. We recommend you sign up with the NRA for a multi-year membership. If you are not an NRA member you can purchase a membership (at a discount) through SCCS&FA by clicking here.  

All new memberships are contingent upon approval by the Executive Board of Directors. All memberships are valid from October 1 to September 30 of each year. Renewals will not be accepted after September 15th. 

Procedure to Join

1. Complete the subscription form above to start the process. Due to the backlog, it could take over a year to receive an invite. Once you are contacted you must complete a membership application, liability waiver and complete an online new member orientation. The email you use to complete the subscription form must be used throughout the process.

2.  Once invited, you have 14 days to sign up for a new member orientation and pay the non-refundable $125 event fee. ($25 for spouse)

  • If you are a spouse or are the child of an existing member and turned 18 on or after 6/1/2019, please contact for a separate unique registration code. The spouse or child must be added to the waiting list if they aren't already on the waiting list.  A limited amount of spouse/child codes are available per session. Unique email addresses are required for spouse or qualifying child members.   

3. Complete the Virtual/Online 'New Member Orientation' after completing the following steps: 

  • Filling out the registration form and submitting a completed application online
  • Complete your Applicant Liability Waiver
         (Check your orientation confirmation email for the application link to the applications)

4. Attend Mentoring Sessions (Mandatory):  

  • All prospective members must attend at least to 2 mentoring sessions, usually lasting 1 hour in length . 
  • Mentoring will be scheduled using an electronic means after the online new member orientation is completed.
  • Rules and proficiency will be closely observed.
  • If you still don’t feel comfortable about your familiarity with the rules or safety proficiency please let your mentor know. Additional visits can be arranged with mentors.
  • If you are friends with an SCCSFA mentor, you may NOT be mentored by them. 
  • Mentoring must be completed within six weeks (42 days) after being contacted by the mentoring team.
  • The mentor/mentors assigned to you will submit a report with their recommendations and you will be notified of whether or not you will be accepted as a member of the association.
  • Any person who is not accepted as a member on the grounds of safety proficiency may upon taking an NRA certified basic shooting class & passing, resubmit for acceptance into membership.

5. If you are accepted, a prorated membership dues invoice will be created and posted to your account. SCCSFA does not currently offer auto-renew memberships. You are required to renew yearly to keep your membership active. There are NO refunds for membership dues once you are issued your membership card. There are NO refunds for new member orientation fees, regardless of whether or not you successfully complete the membership intake process. Invoices are delivered via email and only credit card payments are accepted.

6. SCCSFA does NOT require you to have a sponsor to join. 

7. All club members must keep an active email account on file, as all communications are delivered via email.

8. A valid US Drivers License, State ID Card or Passport must be presented to the membership and/or mentoring volunteer to verify the identity of all applicants. 

New Members Restrictions:

1. Are considered probationary members for one calendar year (12 months);
2. Cannot bring a guest for the first calendar year from the date of orientation (12 months);

Current Annual Membership Rates:

  • Member:                               $150
  • Member over 62:                  $125
  • Spouse (any age):                $50
  • Conservation:                       $25 (Current members to hold spot)
  • Guest Passes:                      $5 per guest per day, purchased  by members only
  • Gate card, first issue:            $5
  • Gate card replacement:        $20
  • Replacement member card: $20

The Membership committee ( will be happy to answer any questions that new/current members may have about this process.

 Revised 3/4/22

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