Southern Chester County SportSmen's and FARMERS' ASSOCIATION

Full Automatic Committee

The Southern Chester County Sportsmen's and Farmers Association is one of very few clubs in Southeastern Pennsylvania that allows the use of fully automatic firearms in its facilities.  Full auto use is limited by West Marlborough Township regulations to Wednesdays between noon and 3 pm.  NO other time is allowed.  Any member wanting to shoot Full Auto is required to obtain a special Use permit from the SCCSFA.  Use of full auto is not restricted to any particular range but the 75 yard range is set up with no backers on the left side of the range.  This area to the left is for full auto users to hang their own targets.  Full auto users are strongly urged to use this range.


 Full auto shooters are permitted to leave the shooting shed and move down range to shoot on Wednesdays between noon and 3 PM.  Obviously, this can only be done when no other shooters are behind you.  Full auto shooters have range preference on Wednesdays between noon and 3 PM.  Red safety beacons should be left ON if anyone is down range shooting. For more infor-mation, email

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