Online Renewal FAQ:


Why am I getting these emails? I renewed by US mail or in person.

Until mail/walk-in renewals are entered into the system (by the very small and all volunteer membership committee staff) the system will only be aware of online renewals. Note: We are moving to an all online process.


How do I upload a picture?

First make sure you have a passport style picture on your computer. Edit your profile (click on your name above to open the profile page then click the Edit Profile button), scroll down and you will see the member picture item. Click upload, find your picture and upload it.


Where do I go to renew online?

The electronic renewal notices go out on Sept 1st. The renewal link is in the email. Another reminder will go out to folks who have not yet renewed online about 5 days before renewal date and then again on the renewal date.


How do I reset my password?

There is a detailed step-by-step guide you can download and follow here: Step-by-Step Guide

There is also a training video you can watch here: Password Reset Video 


How do I renew online?

There is a detailed step-by-step guide you can download and follow here: Step-by-Step Guide


I have reset my password but don’t see the invoice.

Click on your name (displayed top right) to access your profile page where you will find the invoice. 

I have renewed online. How do I verify that my renewal was successful?

Look at your Profile. To view your Profile page, log in and click on your name in the top right corner. Your Membership Details will include your Membership Status and a Renewal Due On date. The status should show Active and the renewal date should be set for Oct 1st of next year.

If your Membership Status read Pending - Renewal the renewal was not successful.


I'm a member and have not received a renewal reminder.

If you have not received the membership renewal reminder your email address information on file my be invalid. Let renewals@sccsfa.orgknow and we can check/update your email address and reissue the renewal email if necessary.

It may be that your NRA membership has expired in which case you will need renew your NRA membership first and send a screen shot of your NRA membership page showing Name, Number & Expiration Date. 

Discount NRA memberships/renewals are available through out club link. See the NRA Renewal page under Membership here.


Why do I have to maintain NRA membership to be a member of SCCS&FA?

We are an NRA Gold Medal club and as part of that require NRA membership for 100% of our members. The NRA provides significant support to our club including but not limited to: grants, instructor liability insurance, the gun safe, junior rifles & pistols...


Are my online payment transactions processed in a secure manner?

The major credit card issuers created PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance standards. These are stringent standards to protect personal information and ensure security for online payment transactions. As part of our PCI compliance (and our payment system), our payment processing systems are scanned regularly by Trustwave, a recognized 3rd party tester, according to PCI requirements. 


Does the club store my credit card information?

No. Credit card information is securely transmitted to Authorize.NET where it is processed. Authorize.NET then returns the status of the payment transaction. Only the status of the transaction (i.e. that your payment went through) is recorded. When you pay online, SCCSFA has no ability to see your credit card details. 


What kind of security are you using to protect us?

To ensure security and privacy of your data, we’ve provided traffic encryption (https) capability. Traffic encryption ensures that data entered into the online forms (e.g. membership application, event registration, etc.) as well as data transferred from servers back to visitors is protected from snooping.


How do I get my membership card when I renew online?

Your card will be mailed to you within 7 to 10 days.


Is my spouse covered by my membership?

No. A few years ago the club replaced the family membership category with individual membership categories for Member and Spouse. Your spouse will receive their own renewal invoice if they had Spouse membership last year. If they were not a Spouse member last year they will need to apply for membership in the usual manor. Spouse membership is $25.


Do you receive my check?

Mail-in renewal checks will be processed manually over the next few weeks. You will see the check clear when your renewal has been processed. 


Can I renew my NRA Membership through the club?

Yes. You get a $10 discount on an annual renewal and the club receives $5. Check out the NRA Renewal renewal page here.


My NRA Membership Number is wrong/missing. How do I correct it?

The best way to correct your NRA Membership Number is to do so online. Log into the system (reset your password if required - see the Step-by-Step Guide on how to do that), go to your profile page and enter the correct NRA Membership Number. 

We will be verifying it matches your name & address and is current.

Alternatively you can email the correct number to and ask the membership committee to update it for you but that will be slow and a lot of work to ask of one person.  


I joined the club a few months ago and thought my fee covered me for the partial year and next year. Do I have to renew and pay more?

When you join as a new member there is a $100 initiation fee plus a prorated amount to cover your membership for the current year until the end of September. As an example: if you joined half way through the year your total would be about $150. So, yes you do need to renew and pay the following year's due's. Dues as of 2015 are: Member $100, Member over 62 $75, Spouse $25. 


What credit cards are supported for online payment?

Authorize.NET supports Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express


I was asked not to use my work e-mail address. Why is that?

We suggest that our members use a personal e-mail address for club business. You can use the one provided by your internet service provider (isp) or one of the free services such as gmail, yahoo, etc. It is not a formal club rule but is suggested as good practice. Apparently there are some intolerant and biased folks out there who don't appreciate law-abiding gun owners or our second amendment rights.    

Q: Why do I have to maintain NRA membership to be a member of SCCS&FA?A: We are an NRA Gold Medal club [] and as part of that require NRA membership for 100% of our members. The NRA provides significant support to our club including but not limited to: grants, instructor liability insurance, the gun safe, junior rifles & pistols and more.

Q: How do I renew my NRA Membership?A: A $10 discount on an annual NRA membership renewal is available through the club link here. The club also receives $5 from the NRA. Free to share the link with non-member friends.

Q: My NRA Membership information is wrong/missing. How do I correct it?A: Your NRA Membership Number and Expiration Date is verified and updated from time-to-time with the NRA so will automatically be corrected.

However, if the update is urgent (i.e. your renewal invitation was blocked) you may email proof of your active NRA membership to Acceptable forms of proof are either a photograph of your NRA membership card or a screenshot/picture of your NRA membership web page ( clearly showing Name, Number and Expiration Date.

Q: Why did I receive an email about my NRA membership expiring?A: Maintaining current NRA membership is required for SCCS&FA membership. From time-to-time we verifying NRA membership number and expiration dates with the NRA to ensure the information we have matches your name & address and is current. A warning email may be issued as a curtesy. When NRA membership is found to have lapsed for a significant amount of time, SCCS&FA membership will be suspended and gate card deactivated.

SCCS&FA renewal invitations are not sent to members with lapsed NRA membership.

Q: What do I do if my NRA membership expires?A: Renew it through the club link for a discount. See above.
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