Junior Marksmanship Program

  • Led by certified instructors

  • Develop the skills and knowledge to improve your marksmanship

  • Attend competitive events to demonstrate proficiency

  • Achievement rewards and recognition

Contact us at: junior@sccsfa.org

Rifle Marksman Program (RMP) Details

The program is open to SCCSFA Members and invited guests.

It runs Mid-March to Mid-October (depending on weather).


  • Juniors are 12 to 17
  • Adults are 18 and older
  • Anyone under 12 will be considered on a case by case basis.


  • Free for Juniors (specifically ammo, awards, and the club has some rifles that can be used)
  • Adults are responsible for their own ammo and costs of awards and patches. There are a few club rifles that can be used.   


The RMP will start at 2 pm on each Sunday and end promptly at 4 pm due to the end of allowed shooting time.


There are two tracks within the Winchester/NRA Rifle Marksman Program that we will participate in. You may choose either Track. The details for each can be found on the NRA website.

  • 4-Position Qualification
    • Note: Only Aperture and Iron Sights are allowed,not Telescopic
  • NEW Hunter Marksman Qualification
    • NOTE: This program does allow for Telescopic, Aperture, or Iron Sights.

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