Southern Chester County SportSmen's and FARMERS' ASSOCIATION

Archery Ranges:

The Archery facilities include a well lit, 16 lane, 20 yard indoor range and a 14 target,  10-80 yard outdoor range. Special rules change regarding crossbows, 4/3/11. The club’s backstops are not designed to stop crossbow bolts.Bolts completely pass through and hit the wall on the indoor range. Other bolts get embedded up to the nock in the backstop and removal causes damage to the backstops. 

Update: 2/2017 - New Big Shot targets (made from military grade ballistic material) have been installed. The new targets are expected to last five years.

  Archery Rules:  
  • 1. A bow with “nocked” arrows must always be pointed in a safe direction.
  • 2. No handling of bows while others are downrange.
  • 3. Do not “nock” an arrow until you are ready to shoot.
  • 4. All targets must be posted on bales.
  • 5. No broadheads are to be used in the indoor or outdoor archery ranges.
  • 6. No firearms or air guns are to be use in the indoor archery range, or the outdoor archery range.
  • 7. Any arrows found on the archery range are to be left in the Association Clubhouse.
  • 8. Do not walk through the outdoor archery course in reverse order.
  • 9. All Pennsylvania Game Commission Laws apply.
  • 10. Keep your shooting area cleaned at all times.
  • 11. Lock all doors, windows, and turn off all lights before you leave Association property.
  • 12. To shoot crossbows at SCCSFA, members must bring their own Ballistic Box target.  They are available at Bear Archery in Bear, DE or at Dick’s Sporting Goods for $60.00.  They allow for easy removal of bolts.  The manufacture’s website is here:

Rules and regulations for hunting the SCCS&FA outdoor archery range:

  • Members Only (No guests)
  • 2 Hunters per day
  • Cost: $20 per day per hunter
  • All Pennsylvania Game Laws and SCCS&FA club rules must be followed
  • Must sign in and out at the club house
  • Display hunting warning sign on dash while hunting. Pick up sign from back of sign-in book
  • Hunting on SCCS&FA property is archery (bow & crossbow) only
  • Hunters under 18 must be accompanied by an adult with one shared bow/crossbow
  • No permanent stands may be erected
  • Temporary stands may be used and must be labeled with owner’s name and membership number at all times
  • Stands must be taken down within one week of the season’s end
  • Safety harness must be used when in stands
  • Please note on sign-in book harvested deer sex and number of points (if buck)

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