Southern Chester County SportSmen's and FARMERS' ASSOCIATION



Wwelcome to the Lake

The Fish and Lake Committee maintains the lake, sees to its spring trout stocking and provides for algae control. The opening day activities are among the most popular spring activities.  The lake opens for the youngsters (under 18) at 8:00 AM on opening day. All members can fish starting at 9:00 AM.

Lake and Fishing Rules:

  • Members will follow creels and slot limits and/or catch and release practices as mandated by the Fish Committee. Three trout and/or bass limit per member per day. 
  • No vehicles (Committee and handicapped members excepted), boats, rafts, floating tube waders or swimming allowed.
  • All Pennsylvania Fish Commission Laws in affect. Persons age 16 or older must have a Pennsylvania fishing license. A trout stamp is required for trout fishing.
  • Junior Members (under 18 years of age) must be accompanied/supervised by an adult member.
  • No alcohol in the lake area.
  • No fires in the lake area.
  • No littering or foul language in the lake area and all other areas of the Association
  • No bow fishing or firearms in the lake area.
  • No storage in the lake area
  • Only one fishing rod in use per person.
  • Fishing will always have priority over dogs in the lake area.  Retrievers may be trained in the lake.
  • No guests fishing in the lake.
  • Corn is not to be used as bait.
  • No ice fishing or skating – STAY OFF OF THE ICE
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