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Red Dot Sights (RDS) Skill Building

  • 04/10/2023
  • 09:00 - 17:00
  • Clubhouse and 25-Yd Range
  • 6


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Red Dot Sights (RDS) Skill Building

Transition from Iron Sights to Red Dot Sights for Pistol

NOTE:  Classroom only (0900-1100), Live Fire on Range (1100-1700)

Instructor:  Ron Flowers

Contact Email:  (mention Class Name and SCCSFA)

Requirements:  Open to SCCSFA Members and Family, as well as Member's guests.

Min/Max Class Size:  5/12

Cost: $210

There will be one hour for lunch.


NOTE:  See New Club Cancellation Policy at bottom of this page!!!

 ***This is an Intermediate level class.  Students should have had prior training and a solid grasp of the Fundamentals as well as how their pistol functions.***

Course Description:

Red Dot Sights (RDS) for Pistols are here to stay and can really improve your shooting.  But there is a learning curve!

Hard to see the front sight anymore? New to the dot?  Or interested, but don’t know whether to go with milling the slide or attaching with a plate? Having trouble finding the dot on every presentation?  Trying to “aim with the dot” but not achieving improvement?

This class will shorten the learning curve and, during the short classroom portion, answer some of your questions.  The rest of the day will focus on good reps, presentations and from the holster, to build good habits and finding the dot each and every time.

Required Equipment:

·        Hard sided Kydex or leather holster for your make/model pistol that accommodates an RDS.

·        Magazine pouch.

·        Two or more magazines.

·        Eye and ear protection.

·        Baseball style cap.

·        Belt wide and sturdy enough to support weight of a loaded pistol (at least 1.5 inches).

·        Clothing for the weather and conditions.

·        Suitable footwear (shoes or boots, closed toe).

·        At least 350 rounds of practice ammo.

·        RDS equipped modern center fire semi-auto pistol.  (No .22’s, .32’s revolver, etc.)

**If undecided on a make/model of RDS, a few rentals are available**

(Quality functional semi-automatic pistol- Full size and compact pistols only. Semi-Auto Center Fire Pistols only; no revolvers nor .22 caliber pistols.)

RDS enhance the ability a trained person to get faster, accurate shots, but there is a learning curve as you move from iron sights to this technology.

This class will discuss popular quality RDS, how to “zero” (sight in) them, the math of RDS dot size choices, installation options, maintenance, as well as manipulations, presentations for consistent dot acquisition, and target focus vs sight focus.

You will leave with methods of improving use of RDS in your own practice.

Depending on the pace of the class, RDS advantages for shooting at distance.


SCCSFA Event Cancellation Policy (11/08/22)

SCCSFA is committed to providing high quality training and events to all its members.  We recognize that on occasions participants will register for an event and subsequently find that they are unable to attend.

In these situations, we ask that participants notify the organizer of their need to cancel a training or event as soon as possible via email.

Similarly, the SCCSFA education committee will, on occasion, find it necessary to cancel an event.  When this need arises, we are committed to taking positive steps to alert you to the cancellation as soon as possible. 

Should a participant who has registered for an event need to cancel:

Please send cancellation details to the event organizer by email or by telephone.

Notification up to two weeks prior to an event will provide a full refund.    

Notification of cancellation less than two weeks prior to an event will result in a service fee of 25% plus credit card processing fee If the opening in the event is not filled from the wait list. 

If you have registered for an event or training and do not attend without notifying the organizer of your cancellation the full fee will be payable and non-refundable.

This policy supersedes any other cancellation policy of an event organizer.

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