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Maryland Wear and Carry Permit Class (2-Day Course)

  • 03/11/2023
  • 09:00
  • 03/12/2023
  • 17:00
  • Clubhouse (Day 1) and 25 Yard Range (Day 2 Only)
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Maryland Wear and Carry Permit Class (2-Day Course)

NOTE:  Day 1 is classroom only (0900-1700).  Day 2 is classroom, dry-fire on the range and live fire (0900-1700)

Instructor:  Ron Flowers

Contact Email:  (mention Class Name and SCCSFA)

Requirements:  Open to SCCSFA Members and Family only.

Min/Max Class Size:  5/12

Cost: $315

There will be one hour for lunch.


NOTE:  See New Club Cancellation Policy at bottom of this page!!!


Course Description:

As you may know, recent SCOTUS decisions have restored rights to citizens of States that had very restrictive Concealed Carry Permit Laws.  Maryland is one of those states.

Here is a link to all you need to know, including age requirements, required training, length of time for permit, training requirements for original applications versus renewals,  and who is exempt from the training requirements:

Please visit the above link and read carefully! (Some info excerpted below.)

Class time is from 9:00am to 5:00pm each day. Range only in use for second day.

This 16-hour class gives you the ability to apply for a Maryland Wear and Carry Handgun Permit. If you were honorably discharged from the U.S. Military, you are exempt from the training requirement.

The class covers: Maryland Wear and Carry Permit Requirements, Criminal & Civil Liabilities, Use of Force, Firearms Safety, Handgun Nomenclature, Handgun Fundamentals (dry fire and live fire), Cleaning & Maintenance, Maryland Law, Defensive Tactics, and  Range time.

You will need your handgun, a minimum of 50 rounds of ammunition, and ear and eye protection. Shooting is done on Day 2 only. The qualification course MUST be shot with a center-fire caliber (so no .22s).

Minimum passing score is 70%. 25 round Course of Fire.  You will have three (3) attempts to pass. Failure to pass will require additional costs for remediation and testing at a later date.

Application for the permit is done with Maryland.  Maryland will collect application fees, passport photo(s), etc.

In addition to the class, you will need a passport photo and electronic fingerprints taken at a Maryland CJIS approved facility prior to your submission of the application. I will provide a list of approved fingerprint locations. Upon completion of the course, you have 2 years to apply for the permit. DO NOT GET YOUR FINGERPRINTS taken prior to taking the course. If anyone has questions, we can be reached at 610-597-3717.

Who needs to take the training?

Every original application and renewal application submitted after October 1, 2013, unless exempt. If you are any one of the below you are exempted.

  1. You are an active law enforcement officer with a law enforcement agency of the United States, the State or any local law enforcement agency in the State.
  2. You are a retired law enforcement officer with a law enforcement agency of the United States, the State or any local law enforcement agency in the State.
  3. You are an activeretired, or honorably discharged member of the armed forces of the United States or the National Guard.
  4. You are a Qualified Handgun Instructor registered with the Maryland State Police.
  5. You have successfully completed a firearms training course given by a Qualified Handgun Instructor (This Class). (The on-line firearm safety course is no longer accepted).


Additional Info.

Wear and Carry Permit Training

​With the passage of the 2013 Firearms Safety Act, effective October 1, 2013, the training requirements for all Maryland Wear and Carry permit holders has changed. Please ensure that before you submit an original, renewal, or subsequent application that you first successfully complete the required training.

What is Wear and Carry Permit Training?

Approved Wear and Carry Permit training courses are offered by Maryland State Police approved Qualified Handgun Instructors who have established an account through the Maryland State Police MyLicense/E-Gov site. Training is valid until the permit expiration. However, you must receive subsequent training within 2 years of submitting your renewal or subsequent application.

Wear and Carry Permit training is 16 hours of instruction for an original application and 8 hours of instruction for a renewal application. The approved training is offered by a Qualified Handgun Instructor and will include instruction on state firearm law, home firearm safety, handgun mechanisms and operation, and a component that requires the applicant to demonstrate gun safety and proficiency with a minimum score of 70% accuracy.

Designated security personnel (security guards, private detectives, special police, and armored car drivers/guards) must shoot a practical police course of at least 50 rounds, from no further than 25 yards and score at least 70% accuracy.

All other applicants must shoot a course of at least 25 rounds, from no further than 15 yards and score at least 70% accuracy.

Who do I contact to receive the training?

A list of Qualified Handgun Instructors is available online here.


SCCSFA Event Cancellation Policy (11/08/22)

SCCSFA is committed to providing high quality training and events to all its members.  We recognize that on occasions participants will register for an event and subsequently find that they are unable to attend.

In these situations, we ask that participants notify the organizer of their need to cancel a training or event as soon as possible via email.

Similarly, the SCCSFA education committee will, on occasion, find it necessary to cancel an event.  When this need arises, we are committed to taking positive steps to alert you to the cancellation as soon as possible. 

Should a participant who has registered for an event need to cancel:

Please send cancellation details to the event organizer by email or by telephone.

Notification up to two weeks prior to an event will provide a full refund.    

Notification of cancellation less than two weeks prior to an event will result in a service fee of 25% plus credit card processing fee If the opening in the event is not filled from the wait list. 

If you have registered for an event or training and do not attend without notifying the organizer of your cancellation the full fee will be payable and non-refundable.

This policy supersedes any other cancellation policy of an event organizer.

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