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Steel Silhouette Rim-fire Rifle Match:

The SCCSFA Rifle committee will be held it's first silhouette rifle match in many years on Saturday July 25th 2015. This is a club fun shoot, bragging it's rights only for winning.

We will be shooting official scaled steel silhouettes at 50 yards to make things a little easier on both the shooters and chicken runners (target resetters). This is an ‘any rifle’ match, the only restrictions being the rifle is 22 rimfire and you are capable of holding and safely handling the firearm.

 Shooting will be in the standing position with all targets at 50 yards. Each round will consist of 4 stations with 10 targets (40 target total). Targets are steel Chickens, Pigs, Turkeys and Rams. They make the most satisfying ping as fly through the air when hit, the most difficult part is not smiling ear to ear as they go airborne off the target stands.

Each shooter will get up to 5 minuets to fire 10 rounds at 10 targets. Only targets knocked down will count as a hit. We will be running a morning and afternoon session and slots are limited. Shooters will register online for either the AM session (starts at 10am) or PM session (starts at 2pm). Entry fee is $10 with additional rounds at $5 if time allows. Juniors (under 18) must be directly supervised by a parent/guardian, juniors are free of charge to encourage families to come out and shoot. Shooters will supply their own rifles and ammunition. Eye and ear protection is mandatory and chamber flags must be used which is mandatory of all ranges. Questions can be forwarded to rifle@sccsfa.org

Results for Saturday July 25th Event - 

Shooter Score:

Mario Morales 26
John Tirrell 23
Frank Sofrenek 22
David Stephens 18
Mark Fenster 17
Rich Mercante 17
Carter Fenster 16
Kevin Buchy 16
Jamie Teufel 14
Joe Livingsten 13
Mike DiDomenico 12
Craig Livingston 12
Dave VanHook 11
Dennis Mattinson 9
Rob Furr 1

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