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Problem with credit card payment - Resolved

09/03/2019 08:34 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Sept 2 - 08:30 - We have had multiple reports of problems with credit card payment.We are in the process of working with the membership system software vendor to get this issue resolved. Check back here for updates.

Sept 2 - 08:35 - One member reported success after trying again.

Sept 2 - 08:52 - Apparently the software vendor does not start work until 09:30. We'll work with them once they roll in. As reported above, someone did successfully renew after receiving the error, so perhaps try again but please, no more emails (at least this morning) reporting the issue. We're getting flooded. 

Sept 2 - 13:04 - This issue with credit card payments has been resolved. Please continue to renew online.
FYI, it appears that there was a "throttle" on the number of payments the system would permit. We hit that limit and for "security" reasons further transactions were blocked by the system. We understand the limit has been raised permanently. If you do experience any further problems email membership to let us know but do please check here first for new updates just in case loads of people have already reported it. Thanks to the I.T. Committee for their work resolving this issue.     

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