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New Membership Rule Changes and Requirements

09/15/2016 00:52 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The following rules were adopted by the Executive Committee on 9/13/2016 - 

1. All new members must pay for renewals online with a credit card. All current members except those without email address already on file (41 Members) must pay for renewals online with a credit card beginning with the 2017 renewal cycle (8/2017).  The 41 members who exist without email have been grandfathered and will continue to receive paper renewals.

2. All new and current members except those without email address already on file (41 Members) members must complete an electronic liability waiver by 9/30/2017 as a condition of membership. Membership committee will be sending out liability waivers using DocuSign.  (Users with no email on file may complete the form online or via special paper form).

3. All new members and those with a current email address on file must keep an active email address on file as a condition of membership. 

4.   All members shall upload a passport grade photo of themselves into the WA portal prior to 9/30/2017. Those that lack the skills to do so will have an opportunity to do so at the club with the assistance of IT and Membership. Photos are required for the safety and security of the club members.  Photo shall clearly show the members face. No sunglasses/hats/head coverings etc unless authorized by SCCSFA Board. Those who fail to meet this requirement shall be terminated on 12/31/2017.

5. New members coming to orientation must show photo ID to match against the photo uploaded during the application process.

  Photos can be uploaded by computer or mobile phone by accessing the user profile page. On mobile you can access your camera roll or take a photo with your phone. PC/OSX you must take a photo and then upload it.  -

Changes for 2017 Renewal Cycle - Enable auto-pay where people who would like to can OPT-IN for automatic renewal  where they are just charged each year automatically. 

Online Sales - Allow guest passes, lost card replacements and any approved  items offered for sale to be sold online via the SCCSFA Website

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