Southern Chester County SportSmen's and FARMERS' ASSOCIATION

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    The Facilities Committee is proud to announce that the Renovation Program for the shooting sheds are complete.  All five of the shooting sheds now have concrete floors, motion detector activated lighting, electrical outlets, wall fans and new shooting table coverings.  In addition, each shed now has a steel roof, new exterior coverings, interior wall panels and doors.  A "down range" safety light has been installed on each range.   Pictures of one of the new sheds:

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    * All non-members require a guest pass with the following exceptions.
    1. Employees performing work for companies hired by the club.
    2. Volunteers assisting a member or committee performing work sanctioned by the Executive Committee who completes a legal waiver and doesn’t use the club facilities or participate in club activities.
    3. Attendants for handicap members as long as they complete a legal waiver and do not use the club facilities or participate in club activities.
    4. Anyone under the age of 18 (Requires legal waiver completed by the parents or guardians)
    5. Anyone participating in an event that is open to the public or a private group for as long as they are participating in that activity or event. 
    6. Anyone that is brought by a member and who doesn’t use the club facilities or participate in club activities.
    7. Anyone being given a tour of the facility by a member as long as:

    • a. They complete a legal waiver.
    • b. The guest nor the member use the club facilities or participate in club activities during the tour.
    • c. The guest leaves the property within 30 minutes.

    Except for item 5 above, all guest must be signed in and out of the log book.
    All visitors must sign in and out of the log book, except for those events open to the public and employees defined in item 1.
    All visitors must sign a legal waiver except for those defined in items 1 and specific events authorized by the executive committee, such as Field Day.

    For the purpose of this section, “club facilities” means the lake, rifle, trap or archery ranges

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